Californians for the Support of Early Education
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CSEE’s Board of Directors
Martin Castro, Chair

Gary J. Kinley, Treasurer

Anne Broussard

Graham Dobson
Cary Larson-McKay

Directors Emeritus

Kevin Carnes

Ed Condon

Dwayne Dennis

John Harris

David Koenig

Melinda Felice

Peter Huffaker

Chantelle Lamourelle

Paul Miller

Scott Moore

Kathleen Murphy (dec.) (CSEE PAC)

Wendy Wayne (dec.)

Chuck Weiss

California Leads the Way…Once Again
CSEE PAC is the only political action committee in the United States focused solely on early care and education. Other states are watching us as we work toward a state legislature which is supportive of quality, accessible ECE programs.
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Dear Friends,

In 2008, a small group of early care and education leaders met, following the defeat of Proposition 86. It’s purpose was to explore the formation of an entity that would fund voter education and registration activities, as well as to form a political action committee (PAC) focused solely on ECE candidates. The former organization was formally incorporated as Californians for the Support of Early Education (CSEE); the latter was named CSEE Political Action Committee (CSEE PAC) functioning apart from CSEE. According to several reports, CSEE PAC was the only political action committee in the United States at that time focused entirely on early care and education candidates.

In the twelve years that followed, CSEE made grants to local and statewide entities throughout the state. Those grants funded educational forums on ECE issues and invited candidates for the state Assembly and Senate to speak about relevant topics. Hundreds of parents, ECE staff and interested others attended those sessions and many were registered (and encouraged) to vote.

Meanwhile, CSEE PAC carefully analyzed the positions relative to ECE of candidates for the Assembly and Senate in targeted districts. Those analyses lead to the endorsement and, in some cases, contributions to the candidate’s campaign. Given the careful work of the PAC, 85% of those candidates were ultimately elected. Contributions to campaigns ranged from $500 to as much as $2,000.

CSEE and CSEE PAC succeeded due to the volunteer efforts of a couple dozen individuals committed to elevating ECE in both houses of the statehouse. Those individuals served on the CSEE Board and/or CSEE PAC. Hundreds of individuals and organizations made contributions to support the work of both entities. Your contributions of time and money are most appreciated.

With the end of 2018, the Board of CSEE reached the conclusion that its work had been embraced by other organizations and individuals throughout California. Toward that end, CSEE PAC made its final contributions to candidates’ campaigns prior to June 30th of last year. Californians for the Support of Early Education dissolved formally on December 31, 2018. In taking these actions, the Board of CSEE and CSEE PAC are confident that the vision which guided their formation will be carried on by others interested in and dedicated to quality early care and education for California’s children and their families.

Best wishes and thanks to each and every one of you.

Martin Castro, Board Chair

Californians for the Support of Early Education

Californians for the Support of Early Education, 1017 L Street #378, Sacramento, CA 95814-3805
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