Happy New Year!

As we kick-off 2019, there are many reasons for optimism and celebration in the area of early care and education in Marin and California!

Here is the most important one: we have a new California Governor who highlighted funding for early childhood education (ECE) as one of his major campaign promises. Days before his inauguration, he announced that there will be an allocation of almost $2 billion in additional funds in early education and child care programs in his first state budget proposal! Today, he confirmed the proposal during the presentation about his proposed 2019-2020 state budget. That IS a change and a reason to celebrate!

The attached documents outline the Administration’s investments in child care and early learning. Specifically, the documents provide the following information:

· DMC 2019-20 GB: provides a breakdown of the funding and slots included in the 2019-20 Governor’s Budget for each child care program

· One-Pager 2019-20 GB: provides the adjustments and augmentations included in the 2019-20 Governor’s Budget.

· CSA Fact Sheet : highlights the Child Savings Account Proposal included in the 2019-20 Governor’s Budget

We are looking forward to analyze the details of his budget proposal in the upcoming days with other ECE advocates.

On a related sweet note: How about Gavin´s 2 year-old-son crashing his inaugural speech?! (Click here to watch it) Nothing could be more appropriate as a reminder of the importance of our children and their education. As his son wandered the stage during speech and he got him in his arms, our new Governor affirmed: “Now, more than ever, California knows how much a house matters and how children matter!”

We will be sharing more good news in the upcoming days and months. Stay tuned.

Let’s make 2019 one of the best years for families and children in Marin and California!


Ericka O. Erickson, MPA


Marin County Child Care Commission

Local Child Care and Development Planning Council

Marin County Office of Education

(415) 499-5827 (o) / 246-7363 (c)


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CSAs – Fact Sheet – Final.pdf

DMC 2019-20 GB.PDF

One Pager 2019-20 GB.PDF