The Marin County Child Care Commission’s mission is to lead and support countywide plans and advocacy efforts to ensure access to high quality early care and education services.

Established in July of 1995 by the Board of Supervisors, the Child Care Commission serves an advisory role to help direct policy by making suggestions and recommendations to local elected policymakers and government management. The main goals of the commission are:

  • Identify common ground on issues
  • Indicate program priority preference
  • Provide input on existing and proposed public programs
The Commission acts as the state-mandated Local Child Care and Development Planning Council (LPC), planning for child care and development services based on the needs of families in the local community. Based on this role, the Commission:
  • Facilitates community collaborations
  • Acts as a forum to share knowledge & information about ECE stakeholders
  • Provides leadership and resources to identify key issues
  • Promotes professional development, education and training of the ECE workforce
  • Communicates key issues to County Board of Supervisors, County Superintendents, CA Department of Education, the Legislature, related organizations & the public.

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